There are not tutorials yet! =(

The goal for these tutorials is to have a suite of Jupyter Notebooks that can be interactively run within the documentation to help Medical Physicists who have no Python experience begin to have success using the tools within the Medical Physics ecosystem. To build a suite of tutorials like this is a big task, and most of the developers of PyMedPhys are focused on developing PyMedPhys itself. Are you reading this and thinking that you might be able to manage and facilitate the creation of a suite of Notebooks like this? You certainly don’t have to create them all by yourself! Instead, just take the task by the horns, design the overall tutorial flow/course, and find people who can build each component.

If you would like to consider taking this on, please reach out by sending me (@SimonBiggs) a private message on the Discourse group (https://pymedphys.discourse.group/u/simonbiggs/summary).