Logfile Management

A command line interface for the management of log files.

Requires two configuration csv files detailed as following:


              , Timezone        , Mosaiq SQL Server (Hostname:Port)
a_centre      , Australia/Sydney, mosaiq:1433
another_centre, Australia/Sydney, another-mosaiq:1433


    , Centre        , IP
1234, a_centre      ,
1236, a_centre      ,
1238, another_centre,
usage: pymedphys logfile [-h] {orchestration} ...

Positional Arguments

logfile Possible choices: orchestration



Manages the orchestration of Elekta Linac fetching logfiles from their backup directories and then indexing the collected files via Mosaiq SQL queries. Designed to be scheduled to run nightly or manually after an unscheduled backup. Requires two configuration csv files to be created, one for Mosaiq SQL configuration and the other for logfile configuration. See documentation for specification of the configuration files.

pymedphys logfile orchestration [-h] [-m MOSAIQ_SQL] [-l LINAC_DETAILS]

Positional Arguments

data_directory The path for storing the indexed log files.

Named Arguments

-m, --mosaiq_sql
 Define a custom path for the Mosaiq SQL configuration file. Defaults to {data_directory}/config_mosaiq_sql.csv
-l, --linac_details
 Define a custom path for the Linac configuration file. Defaults to {data_directory}/config_linac_details.csv