Resources to assist users of the PyMedPhys library. If you’re experienced with Python but brand new to PyMedPhys, start here.

The Library Users Guide is separated into following sub-categories:

  • Tutorials (coming!)

    • Lessons that take you through complete projects and illustrate what you can achieve by writing PyMedPhys-based Python software.

    • These are aimed at you if you don’t yet know what you can achieve with PyMedPhys but you would like to learn.

  • How-to Guides

    • Guides and recipes for common problems and tasks. These are aimed for you if you already know how to use Python and PyMedPhys and are looking for direction on a specific task you are trying to solve.

  • Reference

    • Technical reference for the PyMedPhys library (modules, functions and classes). This is where you will find listed information for the exposed functionality of the PyMedPhys library.

    • This is aimed at you if you know exactly the feature you would like to use, you just want to see what inputs it requires and what outputs it gives.

  • Background

    • Explanations and discussions of key topics and concepts. This is aimed at you if you are looking to be able to think about PyMedPhys and its implementations at a higher level and understand more about them.